Día de San Valentín  (Vista 1)
Día de San Valentín  (Vista 2)
Día de San Valentín  (Vista 3)
Día de San Valentín  (Vista 4)
Día de San Valentín (Vista 5)
Día de San Valentín (Vista 6)
Día de San Valentín (Vista 7)
Día de San Valentín (Vista 8)

Día de San Valentín

Ref.: ANDR-UP028

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45,95 EUR

Valentine's Day
Product information
From the Andrea Miniatures brand to 80 mm scale for assembly and painting, it consists of 14 pieces
Painting Tips
For those who know and can use the airbrush, this is a quick and easy figure to paint, starting of course from the set of meat. On this occasion a mixture of Nº3 + Nº6 of the set of meats was made to paint the base color. We apply this color by spraying it from below as if we were painting the shadows, reserving the areas where the lights will be painted. After this first step, we painted the lights with a mixture of Nº3 + Nº4, from the set of meats. Now, unlike in the previous step, the sprays will be applied on the upper areas, corresponding to the lights. To finish marking some areas of deeper shadows we return to the mixture of the base color, to which we add a little more of the Nº6 of the set of meats. With this simple process we can see how in three steps we have a very striking finish, which we only have to paint with a brush, the finest and most delicate details, such as eyes, mouth, makeup and other accessories. For those who do not have the possibility to use the airbrush, and only use the brush, it will only take a little longer, because the colors and the mixtures are the same. If you would like to learn more about basic and advanced painting techniques with airbrush and brush to paint a pin up, there is a complete guide entitled "Painting Pin Up figures", with 300 step-by-step photos illustrating how to paint the different parts of a pin up and their corresponding colour charts.

Figuras - Chicas 80mm 1/16 - Andrea
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