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Azul Prusia


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2,85 EUR

Prussian Blue
Product Info
Andrea Miniatures presents this new series of paintings Acrylics valid for both brush and airbrush. In 17 ml cans is specially designed for all kinds of figures, historical, Planas, fantastic .. with ultrafine pigment resulting in better mixing, richer and not discolored, high adhesion to metal, plastic, resin or other mareriales. With a matte finish and superfine degraded, is a more consistent paint coverage and high capacity, more creamy, smooth and easy to apply. Painting lasting boat may stay in a long time without drying. No toxic.

Herramientas - Pinturas - Andrea


Guerrero Normando, Batalla de Hastings,
Figuras - Medievales - Andrea

32,55 EUR



Salidino a caballo, siglo XII
Figuras - Medievales - Andrea

65,10 EUR

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