Iglesia de San Miguel de Aralar

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Church of San Miguel de Aralar


From Cuit brand to scale 1:120 Dim.:30x22x17 for mounting

History of

From the final period of the Roman Empire and, above all, from the news concerning the apparitions of St Michael on Mount Gargano (5th century), Rome (6th century) and Avranches (8th century), the West of Europe had numerous places of worship of the archangel.

Many of them were erected in the heights, where he was attributed the double ministry of thaumaturge and protector of the Christian kingdoms.

Talso in the evangelisation of the land of the Basques, devotion to Saint Michael had its importance and became, from the 10th century onwards, one of the major cults promoted by the kings of Pamplona, along with that paid to the Virgin Mary.

For this reason, many of the oldest churches and hermitages in the kingdom were dedicated to the prince of the celestial militia.

Construccion - Construccion en piedra - Cuit


Cesped Fino Electrostatico Verde Oscuro
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Arbustos Altos - Blanco Verde
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Rodillo Pavimento de Piedra
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Cola blanca Universal 250gr
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