Regimiento Aleman en Francia 1940  (Vista 1)
Regimiento Aleman en Francia 1940  (Vista 2)
Regimiento Aleman en Francia 1940 (Vista 3)
Regimiento Aleman en Francia 1940 (Vista 4)

Regimiento Aleman en Francia 1940

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Germania Regiment, France 1940
The Phony War has come to an abrupt end as Germany unleashes its Panzer divisions against the Low Countries and France on 10 May 1940. Western Europe experiences blitzkrieg for the first time and its defenses are soon hemorrhaging. These four members of the Waffen SS Germania Regiment, some wearing the units cuffband, prepare for their next foray against the enemys disorganized defensive lines in France in the summer of 1940. These men of the Germania Regiment, a unit officially formed in 1936 at the Nuremburg Rally, wear SS pattern M1936 field service uniforms. While one kneeling member has an MP-28, another cradles a ZB 26 light machine gun acquired from captured Czech arsenals. This marks the first time this weapon has appeared in a Dragon kit.

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