Verfugungstruppe (France 1940)  (Vista 1)
Verfugungstruppe (France 1940)  (Vista 2)
Verfugungstruppe (France 1940) (Vista 3)
Verfugungstruppe (France 1940) (Vista 4)

Verfugungstruppe (France 1940)

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Verfugungstruppe (France 1940)
One of the most famous German divisions of WWII was Das Reich, composed of some of the best-trained and battle-hardened troops the nation could provide. Its famous symbol was the wolf s hook (or Wolfsangel) rune. First combat for the division was the Western campaign in 1940. Das Reich was involved in the drive towards the Dutch city of Rotterdam, before subsequently transferring to France and attacking towards the French capital. By the end of this Blitzkrieg campaign, the Das Reich Division had advanced as far as the Spanish border.

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