Ambush Frente del Este 1944  (Vista 1)
Ambush Frente del Este 1944  (Vista 2)
Ambush Frente del Este 1944 (Vista 3)
Ambush Frente del Este 1944 (Vista 4)

Ambush Frente del Este 1944

Ref.: DRAG-6333

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17,50 EUR

Ambush Eastern Front 1944
It is with great pleasure to announce the very talented Mr. Yoshitaka Hirano will be joining the Dragon team to produce masters for our 1/35 scale figure sets! Mr. Hirano is a master in terms of sculpting the very best in military figures! This Japanese craftsman is renowned for his vivid and life like poses, as well as his attention to details. He will be producing a new 1/35 scale Master Collection series of figures for Dragon. In all his figures, each amazing design tells a story and brings any diorama or vignette scene to life. The first set to arrive from Mr. Hirano’s workbench is four Panzergrenadiers fighting on the Eastern Front. The German soldiers are strikingly posed as though advancing cautiously towards the frontline or preparing an ambush.

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