Tropas de Montaña Alemanas  (Vista 1)
Tropas de Montaña Alemanas  (Vista 2)
Tropas de Montaña Alemanas (Vista 3)
Tropas de Montaña Alemanas (Vista 4)

Tropas de Montaña Alemanas

Ref.: DRAG-6345

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12,25 EUR

Gebirgsjager 1940-1941
This set includes four figures of the Gebirsja"ger "Mountain Trooper" units in WWII. One pair is dressed in the typical Gebirsja"ger winter garb wind jackets, mountain boots and traditional cap. They carry rifles and fully laden M1931 rucksacks. The second pair of figures is in full action poses as they fire a short 8cm M1942 short mortar (KzGrW42) in a combat scene. The mortar is assembled from multiple parts to allow maximum detail and comes with an ammunition box. These naturally posed soldiers are wearing the usual Gebirsja"ger summer uniform, including the peaked cap with the famous edelweiss insignia.

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