Panzer III (FL) Flame Tank Type M w/Schu  (Vista 1)
Panzer III (FL) Flame Tank Type M w/Schu (Vista 2)

Panzer III (FL) Flame Tank Type M w/Schu

Ref.: DRAG-6776

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Panzer III (FL) Flame Tank Type M w/Schurzen
This particular type of flamethrower tank was converted from Panzer III Ausf.M chassis, with Wegmann carrying out installation of the flame-throwing apparatus. The idea for such a tank designed for close-quarters combat (such as took place at Stalingrad) initially arose in November 1942, but the production of 100 vehicles didn’t occur until February-April 1943. The original 50mm gun was replaced with a flamethrower that had a range of 60m. Extra 30mm plates were also added to the hull front to add protection as well. These Pz.Kpfw.III (Fl) tanks were too late to participate in the Battle of Stalingrad, but some 41 were involved in the titanic Battle of Kursk in July 1943.

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