AK-47 + M-16  (Vista 1)
AK-47 + M-16  (Vista 2)
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AK-47 + M-16

Ref.: DRAG-72035

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AK-47 + M-16
Two of the most famous assault rifles of the modern era are the AK-47 and M16, and both of these appear in Dragon’s latest 1/6 scale series of weapon kits. It’s no coincidence that they appear together, for each weapon symbolizes the two opposing sides of the Cold War. The Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies widely used the AK-47, while the M16 has been the mainstay of the US military since the Vietnam War. It was also used by 15 NATO allies. The AK-47 was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Development actually began in 1944. More AK-family weapons have been produced than all other types of assault rifles combined – around 75 million! On the other hand, the M16 of 5.56mm caliber has served the US Army & Marine Corps well for more than 40 years. Approximately 8 million M16s have been produced to date.

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