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USS New York LPD-21

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USS New York LPD-21
The USS New York is a San Antonio class Landing-Platform Dock or LPD, amphibious warfare assault ship. This is the first LPD to employ stealth technology in the design of the hull to reduce radar signature, a total of 10 ships are planned for the US Navy. The USS New York was built from steel salvaged from the World Trade Center, destroyed by terrorist attack in 2001. The ship has a speed of 22 Knots and can carry up to 5 helicopters as well as 14 amphibious assault vehicles and 2 hovercrafts. Defensive armament includes anti-aircraft missile launchers and Bushmaster 30mm cannons. The crew consists of 28 officers and 333 enlisted men, with an assault force embarked of 66 officers and 633 troops. USS New York was built by the Avondale Ship Yard division of Northrop-Grumman and entered service with the US Navy in August 2009. She is the fifth ship of the class and the seventh to be named after the state of New York.

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