Bombardero ligero Nocturno Sovietico U-2  (Vista 1)
Bombardero ligero Nocturno Sovietico U-2 (Vista 2)

Bombardero ligero Nocturno Sovietico U-2

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U-2/Po-2VS, WWII Soviet Light Night Bomber
One of the most numerous and famous aircraft in the world aviation history was the Polikarpov U-2. It was designed as basic training aircraft. The maiden flight was in June 1927. Since early 30s U-2 became the real “flying deck” for thousands of Soviet pilots. During WWII U-2 got the weapon. These planes named U-2VS were successfully used as light night bombers (in particular with female crews). In 1944 after N.N. Polikarpov death the plane was renamed to Po-2. Highly detailed engine, armament and cockpit interior. 4 versions decal sheet included

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