U-Boat Type IIB 1939  (Vista 1)
U-Boat Type IIB 1939 (Vista 2)

U-Boat Type IIB 1939

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U-Boat Type IIB (1939), WWII German Submarine
The submarine coastal type were the first ship of her class built in Germany after the end of World War premere. Improved versions of the IIB series were built by Deutsche Werke (U13 - U16) and Germania Werft in Kiel (U7 - U12, U17 - U24). They were integrated into the Kriegsmarine from 1935 to 1936. Two fleets were formed with these ships - the first "Weddigen" and third "Lohs". Early in the Second World War the submarines were used as minesweepers in harbors and river estuaries on the eastern coast of England and Scotland, but also for anti-surface warfare in the area of the Channel . From 1941 the U-Boat Coastal were used primarily in the role of crew training in the Baltic Sea.

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