Freightliner FLD 120 Special

Ref.: ITAL-03925

52,50 EUR

Freightliner FLD 120 Special


From Italeri to scale 1/24 for mounting and painting


History of

In the United States, large tractor units for long distance heavy duty haulage are typically equipped with a powerful, reliable engine coupled to a sturdy chassis able to support the hauling of heavy half-trailers. 

Furthermore, the driver’s cabs maximise comfort and peak living conditions to minimise the driver’s work load.

 This is achieved by generous in-cab equipment making these vehicles true apartments on wheels. 


Additionally, a wide range of accessories are provided: extended exhaust pipes, antianimal bars, tanks and alternative finishes strictly chromium-plated in all cases.


Maquetas - Camiones 1/24 - Italeri


Pegamento Extra Liquido
Herramientas - Pegamentos - Tamiya

5,50 EUR



Soporte de Pintado
Herramientas - Aerografia - Tamiya

20,90 EUR



Imprimacion Gris
Herramientas - Pinturas Acrilicas - Vallejo

11,50 EUR

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