Ford Mustang 2010   (Vista 1)
Ford Mustang 2010  (Vista 2)

Ford Mustang 2010

Ref.: MONO-11963

Logo Monogram

36,54 EUR

Ford Mustang 2010 64
All the horsepower you can handle. The first Ford Mustangs hit the scene in 1964. Almost 50 years later, the 2010 model proved that this classic pony car shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Discriminating eyes will find that the 2010 model pays tribute to the ’64 original, while still breaking new ground for the 21st century. This easy-to-assemble snap kit features a detailed interior, chassis and rear spoiler; metal axles with spoked 19" (483 mm) rolling wheels and disc brakes; soft black tires; chrome-plated parts and peel ’n stick decals with colorful graphics.

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