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Capitan de Husares

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Captain of the Ussars - Reign of Naples 1815-1820
The difficulty of maintaining law and order in the lively and densely populated City of Naples brought into being at the end of 1813 the “Guards for Internal Security". These guards were necessary in maintaining public order in a city that remained largely unguarded given the fact that its troops were often engaged in wars elsewhere. The "Guards for Internal Security" were formed by volunteers from the high classes of society, nobles and bourgeois, who feared for the safety of their properties and material possession. The fresh memories of the frightening violence suffered by the city during the 1799 “Revolution”, made the ruling classes fear the unrest and fury of the Neapolitan "working" classes, who were still unsubdued, hungry and prepared to rebel against the ruling classes. With the passing of the decree on 11th March 1815, the Guards for Internal Security were expanded to include a cavalery unit comprising of two Companies. The unit, although well equipped and uniformed in spectacular clothing was never engaged in any military campaigns but continued to maintain public order even after the fall of Gioacchino Murat until the end of 1820. The figure, is represented with an interesting hairstyle combed in the style which was fashionable among Hussars a few years prior, a small detail which adds character to the figure as well as a "provincial" feeling to our Captain of the Hussars.

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