Anglosajón Guerrero con hacha  (Vista 1)
Anglosajón Guerrero con hacha (Vista 2)

Anglosajón Guerrero con hacha

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Anglo Saxon Warrior with axe - VII Century A.D.
An important myth amongst English speaking people is the myth of King Arthur, a sovereign leader and brave knight who defended the British Isles from invasion. The legend of Arthur does not say more than this, but for us, we like to identify with the legendary king who opposed the invasion of the Angles and Saxon, in 516 A.D., at the Battle of Mount Badon. Notwithstanding the heroic dees of King Arthur, Angles, Saxons and Jutes continued to disembark on British soil. These invaders started colonising large tracts of the British Isles, founding small kingdoms and eventually converting to Christianity. The Anglo-Saxon warriors imported their language and many new weapons and armour of European origin to Britain. Amongst these were the beautifully decorated helmets of Swedish "Vendel" culture.

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