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Kingdom of Naples, 6th Regt. Rifles' Drummer - 1815
In the Spring of 1812, the 6th-Regiment "Real Napoli" with 1838 men under the command of Colonel Raffaele De Gennaro were mobilisied for the Russian campaign together with the 7th Real Africane and the 5th -Real Calabria. Between September and October 1812 these 3 Neapolitan Regiments reached the City of Danzig in Poland whilst King Gioacchino was already marching into the vast expanses of Russia with the Grand Army. Whilst the tragedy of the Russian Campaign unfolded te fusiliers of these 3 Neapolitans Regiments remained in the City to guard it thereby forming the 33 division under the command of Florestano Pepe and General Destrés. On 21 January 1813, the Russians besieged Danzig. This siege lasted ten months until 29 November 1813. The intensely bitter weather, flooding and the outbreak of typhoid decimated the Neapolitan soldiers who were isolated in a Baltic City still dressed in their summer uniforms, which they had when they departed Naples. In March 1813, the 6th Regiments covered themselves with glory at Ohra-Stolzenberg rivalling the courage and valour of all the other troops. Al the time of the armistice the survivors of the siege became the prisoners of the Russians but in the interim Gioacchino Murat switched allegiance and the Neapolitans commenced their long march back to their country under the leadership of General De Gennaro now promoted to Marshall. The 545 survivors of the 6th Regiment triumphantly re-entered Naples on 7 August 1814. The 6th Regiment "Real Napoli" were dressed in the traditional white line Infantry uniform with the distinctive orange colour on the collar, bib, cuffs, lapels and turnbacks. As per tradition in the Neapolitan Infantry the drummers of the Regiment wore a livery different to the rest of the troops; the figure represent a drummer of the Central Company of the fusiliers of the 6th Regiment "Real Napoli". By varying the colours of the livery it is possible to depict other drummers from other infantry regiments.

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