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The Trailboss

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The Trailboss
At the end of Civil War, the Texas cattle market fell into depression. The market was transferred to Chicago in the northern part of the United States. In 1867 the ranchers moved their cattle along the Chisholm trail, wich from the Red River in Texas crossed indian territory (present day Oklaoma) as far as Abilene in Kansas, and from here the cattle were transported by rail. This movement of cattle was led by Trailbosses. They guided the herds and were assisted by other cowboys. Theyr responsability was to move the herds onwards and not to be stopped by adversity. Bad weather conditions, indians, outlaws, water shortage and stampedes were constant dangers. The trailboss was a man of considerable skill anc professional competence, and, as it was difficult to find the right man, he was paid up to four times the wages of an ordinary cowboy. These men had often basic schooling and, besides being able to guide cattle and keep the cowboys in line, they were able to do the necessary book-keeping. The figurine represents a trailboss about to start a journey. The trailboss generally preceded the herd by one day in order to find the best route and the most convenient area for the night camp.

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