Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.   (Vista 1)
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.   (Vista 2)
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.   (Vista 3)
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.   (Vista 4)
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.  (Vista 5)
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.  (Vista 6)
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.  (Vista 7)
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.  (Vista 8)

Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.

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Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.
The germanic homelands comprised modern Denmark, southern and central Norway, the northern German coastal strip from the mouth of the Elbe, to the Baltic shore and the islands of Gotland and Bornholm. The warriors begun their wanderings mostly because of overpopulation in their homelands. The Germanic groupings, of Barbarians, who gathered in the dank and gloomy forests of Northern Europe, and overran the Western empire, were descendants of peasants who had taken up arms. As described by many writers of their times, they would not miss a chance of a war, and they often fought against tribes or countries, some of which later became their allies. They had many customs of Celtic influence, regarding their dress and weaponry code. They wore long trousers made of wool, fur, or skins, and they were held by rawhide thronging and sometimes cross thronging held them against the lower legs or ankles. Belts of varying width could be used at the waist, and also for carrying a shield, which was not a standard piece of their equipment. The figurine is wearing a part of Roman Lorica Segmentata, and a piece of chain mail, probably trophies from a battle against the Romans, or perhaps the remains of his tribe’s cooperation with them. He is also wearing a metal breast plate (Celtic influence), secured to the body with leather straps. His corselet as well as his bracelets are made of leather. He is also carrying a heavy double axe of Celtic origin.

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