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Greek Commander

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Greek Commander
This figure represents a high ranked ancient Greek Commander.The dress code follows mostly that of the Spartans. The warrior carries a Corinthian style helmet, based on the well known statue of the Spartan warrior (preserved in the Museum of Sparta - Greece), and presents significantly different cheek protectors than usual. They are in the shape of the head of a ram. Animals with horns, symbolised heroism and courage in battle, but were also a sign that the ancestors of the warrior wearing such a helmet were Gods. He also wears a bronze body armour, which in many cases seems to be preferred to the lighter version of the linothorax. A large cloak covers his body, and he is also wearing bronze knee protectors. The round “oplon” shield carries the sign of the Gorgon, the female demon, who with her fiery look could turn her enemies into stone. His weapons, are : a spear with points at both ends , and also a classical double edged sword. Note: Hoplites can be painted in different colour combinations,previous historical research.This figure was inspired by an original illustration of Christos Giannopoulos for Periscopio Publications “Thermopyles” April 2005

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