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Wehrmacht Soldier

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Wehrmacht Soldier
Both the campaigns of Poland and France demonstrated the effectiveness of a new fighting tactic activated by the German army, the Blitzkrieg. The blitzkrieg consisted of sudden attacks conducted by infantry with armoured vehicles contemporarily supported by the aviation. One of the most important elements of the blitzkrieg was then the infantry-man. The infantry-man wore a dark grey jacket model 1936 made out of wool and rayon. Minor modifications were allowed according to the rank of the soldier. The jacket had 4 pockets each one with a flap to be secured by a metal button. The jacket had 5 dark grey buttons. The collar carried a strip of dark bleu-greenish colour , which was also used to support the national emblem over the right superior pocket, it was also used for ranks, badges and chevrons. The belt and relative individual equipment was hooked to the uniform by 4 metal hooks fastened to the jacket by vertical buttonholes.

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