Opel Vectra DTM - Frentzen  (Vista 1)
Opel Vectra DTM - Frentzen (Vista 2)

Opel Vectra DTM - Frentzen

Ref.: SCAL-6217

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41,50 EUR

Opel Vectra DTM
Slot model of the house Scalextric to scale 1/32 compatible with all tracks
Historical Overview
Scalextric brings us the Opel Vectra DTM with which the German driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen participated in the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) in 2005. The German manufacturer's model is characterised mainly by its sporty design, with air intakes in the front bumper and at the bottom of the doors. The nose is simply spectacular, with an attractive set of headlights, a wide front and a front spoiler, as well as other details such as the windscreen wiper or two small wings located on the sides of the bumper. The predominant shade is red, an aggressive, attractive and sober colour, which contrasts with the white used in the silkscreen prints (such as the number 10 that the vehicle has on its roof). From the side view, the aerodynamic elements behind the front and rear wheels, the lowered suspensions, the wide low profile tyres with their corresponding serigraphs and the multi-radio wheels stand out. On the side window we can see the name of the driver next to the German flag, the country of origin of both Frentzen and Opel.

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