Cocina de campaña Alemana

Ref.: TAMI-35103

21,50 EUR

German Field Kitchen
The 'Tross' or train of a company or battery in the Wehrmacht was composed of three groups, the combat train, the baggage train and the ration train. The latter was equipped with a field kitchen for the company and suitable transport for the rations. The actual type of field kitchen and ration vehicle (or vehicles) depended on the type of unit - horse - or truck-drawn - in an ordinary infantry division, but sometimes completely truckdrawn in a panzer division or other types of machanised division. Within a division, ration supply was organised through a distributing point, and distribution to the ration trains within the division was made daily at this point, iperational commitments permitting. Within the company each man carried in his pack or bread bag one day's rations, and one further day's rations was carried in the unit field kitchen, with a further two day's rations in the supply transport of the unit. Afurther supply of one day's rations was carried in the divisional supply columns. The supply problem was formidable when it is considered that to supply daily rations for each man in a typical division there was a requirement for 12 tons of bread, 2.88 tons of meat, 2.88 tons of peas, and 1.92 tons of wurst (sausage), plus proportionate quantities of coffee, sugar, butter and salt. A typical field kitchen was horse-drawn behind a two man limber and had cart wheels. There were several varying patterns of field kitchen and alternative pneumatic-tyred wheels could be fitted if the kitchen was drawn by a truck.

Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - Tamiya


Comida, provisiones.
Maquetas - Accesorios 1/35 - Plus Model

8,25 EUR



Mobiliario cocina
Maquetas - Accesorios 1/35 - Plus Model

25,95 EUR



Equipo de cocina Aleman
Maquetas - Accesorios 1/35 - Plus Model

21,40 EUR



Accesorios Cocina
Maquetas - Accesorios 1/35 - Royal Model

9,90 EUR



Cubos y latas
Maquetas - Escenografia - Plus Model

11,10 EUR

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