Infanteria moderna USA  (Vista 1)
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Infanteria moderna USA

Ref.: TAMI-36308

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19,75 EUR

US Army Modern Infantry Desert Uniform
Brand scale Tamiya 1 / 16 this figure to assemble and paint. Tamiya presents the first modern soldier, U.S. Army, the number of world figures at 1/16. He is depicted in camouflage in the desert and semi-automatic rifle M16A2. Also included is a helmet with goggles and night vision, a backpack for seven rounds, 4 hand grenades, a gas mask, holster, combat knife, water bottle and hydration system "CamelBak". The figure has a total height of 110 cm and can be placed in combat position (pointing a semiautomatic rifle), or simply changing the position of the arms and head, position monitoring with the rifle pointed toward the ground. Protective goggles and night vision are transparent parts for more realistic finish.

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