TIGER I W/DMD T03+MF01  (Vista 1)
TIGER I W/DMD T03+MF01 (Vista 2)


Ref.: TAMI-56010

Logo Tamiya

984,44 EUR

The car of combat German Tiger I RC doesn't sole reproduce the habitual movements of a tank of [radioncontrol], but rather, also, he/she/it/you has sounds of motor and of shooting of the canyon and [metralleta], effect of setback of shooting of the canyon, luminous effects of shooting, so much of the canyon like of the machine gun, rotation of the turret and elevation of the canyon, total [maniobrabilidad], etc. The sounds of the motor is synchronized with the operation of the car. Besides the functions that accompany to the [kit], one could acquire for separating the system of battle ([ref]. 53447), with which one could reproduce authentic battles between 2 cars (you/he/she/it use infrared rays, that permit a reach from the shooting of up to 30 meters). Tamiya has been overturned model that doesn't have precedents in the world of the [radiocontrol] in the production of this.

Radiocontrol - AFV - Tamiya
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