Warrior MCV (Vista 1)
Warrior MCV (Vista 2)
Warrior MCV (Vista 3)
Warrior MCV (Vista 4)
Warrior MCV (Vista 5)
Warrior MCV (Vista 6)
Warrior MCV (Vista 7)
Warrior MCV (Vista 8)
Warrior MCV (Vista 9)
Warrior MCV (Vista 10)
Warrior MCV (Vista 11)
Warrior MCV (Vista 12)

Warrior MCV

Ref.: ACAD-13201

Logo Academy

40,50 EUR

Warrior MCV Iraq 2003


Injection moulded plastic model to assemble and paint to 1/35th scale of Academy


In 1978, a parallel evaluation of the M2 Bradley IDU took place, and the following year saw the full development of the Warrior, which then led to full production of the vehicle in 1986.

It was officially handed over to the British Navy in May 1987.


By the end of 1994 over 789 vehicles had been delivered to the British Army, and eight mechanised infantry battalions would be equipped with the warrior, serving in the British Army.

Maquetas - AFV - Academy
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