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Stramberk Truba

Ref.: AEDE-1269

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51,05 EUR

Stramberk Truba


Model in stone to build of the brand Aedes to scale 1/175 and with a number of pieces of 3500. and measures in mm of 265 x 400 x 400.

Historical Review

The Tower (Trúba for the inhabitants of the Moravian region) of Štramberk, which presides over this picturesque Czech city and whose origin is unknown, is associated with the former administration of the sovereign territory or the defence of provincial borders.

In the 13th century it was owned by the Knights Templar.

After the abolition of the order at the beginning of the 14th century, the castle was in the hands of the Czech King John of Luxembourg.

Since 1350 and for 30 years was owned by the founder of the Moravian region. After 1533, the castle began to deteriorate.

An old illustration from 1722 shows the castle buildings and two prismatic towers.

In 1783, the front of the castle walls collapsed.


The tower of the old castle, 40 meters high, is accessible to the public today and offers a great view of the city.

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