German Aircraft Colors  (Vista 1)
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German Aircraft Colors

Ref.: AKIN-2270

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18,40 EUR

WWI German Aircraft Colors

This set offers the modeller, the seven colors that are essential for replicating the camou age patterns that were most commonly seen on German aircraft, operated during World War One. Also included is the Grey- Green Primer color that was typically used for painting all metal panels and fittings. This set contains: – AK2271 · WWI German Fokker Grey – AK2272 · WWI German Light Green – AK2273 · WWI German Dark Green - AK2275 · WWI German Red Brown – AK2276 · WWI German Light Blue – AK2277 · WWI German Lilac – AK2278 · WWI German Grey-Green Primer – AK2274 · WWI German Mauve

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