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US Navy Camuflajes

Ref.: AKIN-5000

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13,20 EUR

US Navy Camuflajes

This set contains 6 acrylic paints specifically designed to paint US Navy camouflages during WWII war. The colours within each bottle are true to the satin original colour, with a modification for scale effect. The formula of these acrylic paints are designed for use by both a brush and an airbrush. These paints are odorless and water soluble which avoids bad smells and the dangers of more aggressive thinners. Our acrylics are manufactured by AK Interactive and are made with a formula that prevents clogging in the airbrush. set includes: AK-5001 Deck Blue 20B; AK-5002 Haze Gray 5H; AK-5003 Ocean Gray 5O; AK-5004 Navy Blue 5M; AK-5005 Sea Blue 5S; AK-5006 Light Gray 5L

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