Royal Navy Camuflages 2 (Vista 1)
Royal Navy Camuflages 2 (Vista 2)

Royal Navy Camuflages 2

Ref.: AKIN-5040

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13,20 EUR

Royal Navy Camouflages 2


This second set includes some of the most noticeable colors used on the medium and small size carriers and destroyer or escort ships. Combined with the first set, it will not be difficult to find a good scheme for any British model of the World War II, and all this with fidelity and usual quality of AK Interactive products. The set contains six acrylic paints specifically designed to paint Royal Navy camouflages during WWII. The colors within each bottle are true to the satin original color; to ensure historical accuracy of your finished model AK paints have been designed taking into account the Scale Reduction Effect*. Semtex Green PB10 Dark Blue B20 Light Grey Western Approaches Green Western Approaches Blue Medium Green Grey

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