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Camuflajes Sovieticos

Ref.: AKIN-561

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13,20 EUR

Acrilicos Camuflajes Sovieticos

This acrylic paint set has been designed to replicate the colors used by Red Army vehicles during the 1935-1945 period. This set includes the 4BO, 7K, 6K, 3BAU and a green protective coating for the interwar period of WWII. This set also includes a Washable White paint color that mimics the field applied white wash applied by Russian soldiers when their tanks were operating in snow covered environments and needed to blend in with their surroundings. Contains : – AK-746 4BO Russian Green. – AK-747 6K Russian Brown. – AK-748 7K Russian Tan. – AK-750 Protective Green. – AK-749 3B AU Basic Protector. – AK-751 Washable White Paint.

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