Terrenos de Asfalto (Vista 1)
Terrenos de Asfalto (Vista 2)

Terrenos de Asfalto

Ref.: AKIN-8090

Logo AK Interactive

10,50 EUR

Asphalt Effects


To set your vehicles and finish them in the most realistic way you can not stop using weathering products.

In this set you will find what you need for any vehicle that you want to use. has the appearance of having been on asphalt terrain.

Perfect for F1 races or the motorcycling world championship for rally or for street vehicles of any time that need some touches of realism.

The products are acrylic and mixable with each other to achieve different tones and effects, and includes a user's guide

Content of the set:

AK8086 Dirt (Acrylic Splatter effects)

AK145 City Dirt (Pigment)

AK146 Asphalt Road Dirt (Pigment)

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - AK Interactive
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