Africa Korps, set envejecido (Vista 1)
Africa Korps, set envejecido (Vista 2)

Africa Korps, set envejecido

Ref.: AKIN-AK068

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11,00 EUR

Africa Korps Weatheringset


The vehicles based in North Africa, especially German ones, is a theme that is enjoyed by many a modeller.

Although you can already find a set of African colours, that simulate dust, in our catalogue.

This totally new set has been designed for doing weathering effects on German vehicles based in North Africa, of course it perfectly acceptable to be used on Allied vehicles or even more modern examples.

The set includes three different colours for doing washes, filters and streaking grime effects. Everything you need to do a basic weathering effect.

The colours included are:

AK-065 Africa Korps Filter

AK-066 Africa Korps Wash

AK-067 Streaking Grime for Africa Korps

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