Oxido Quemado Rojo (Vista 1)
Oxido Quemado Rojo (Vista 2)

Oxido Quemado Rojo

Ref.: AKIN-AK144

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3,90 EUR

Burnt Rust Red


This weathering set will allow you to faithfully recreate the appearance of burnt-out vehicles. The four included pigment colours will help you to reproduce the ashes, black stains and other effects that may be observed on fi re-damaged vehicles, whilst our well-received Pigment Fixer will allow you to fi x your work in an effective way.

Herramientas - Pigmentos - AK Interactive


Guia de Modelismo para Principiantes
Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

11,95 EUR



Fijador de pigmentos
Herramientas - Pigmentos - AK Interactive

3,90 EUR



Publicaciones - Revistas - Ammo

8,00 EUR

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