Colores Sovieticos Aviones 1950-70 (Vista 1)
Colores Sovieticos Aviones 1950-70 (Vista 2)

Colores Sovieticos Aviones 1950-70

Ref.: AKIN-AK2300

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18,95 EUR

Soviet Aircraft Colors

This is a set for painting Soviet aircraft, specifically used from the 1950s to 1970s, and many other later variants. It contains two Xtreme Metal paints and four acrylic colors. Amongst them is the special turquoise color that is commonly seen in the cockpits of these aircraft. Our paints have been developed under very strict quality conditions, allowing us to create the most precise colors that you can buy, with high durability and ease of use. Included are: AK2301 Cockpit Turquoise AK2302 Radome Green AK2303 Interior Green AK2304 Cockpit Grey AK479 Xtreme Metal Aluminium AK480 Xtreme Metal Dark Aluminium

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