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Ruedas y Cadenas

Ref.: AKIN-AK274

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9,95 EUR

Tracks and Wheels

Tracks and Wheels is the third release from the already famous AK Learning Series.

The extremely talented artists within this book,take you on a journey through every aspect of painting and weatheringtracks and wheels through their very own words, guiding youthrough their styles and approaches.

Follow along as they teach youthe methods and skills they’ve developed over time, by explainingthe how and why of weathering and environmetal effects.

Also explainedis the affect they have on our scale models and perhaps moreimportantly, the manipulation of the colours used, and the tricks togetting the most out of them in scale model painting.

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Ruedas y orugas
Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo

14,50 EUR



Plantilla para estarcir Ruedas
Herramientas - Fotograbados - Voyager Model

18,95 EUR



Ruedas, Orugas y Superficies
Publicaciones - Revistas - Ammo

8,00 EUR

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