Colores Franceses WWI (Vista 1)
Colores Franceses WWI (Vista 2)

Colores Franceses WWI

Ref.: AKIN-AK4050

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11,50 EUR

WWI French Colors


This set offers the modeller the five most common colours used bytanks and artillery units of the French Army during the Great War.With this set, the colourful camoufl age schemes used on RenaultFT-17 and his variants, St. Chamond and Schneider tanks, can bereplicated with accuracy. These colours are perfect also for RenaultFT-17 US Army WWI tank units.

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - AK Interactive


Renault B1 Bis Versión Alemana
Maquetas - AFV - Tamiya

76,20 EUR



Renault FT 17 torreta Berliet
Maquetas - AFV - RPM

25,20 EUR



Char B.1 bis & Renault FT.17
Maquetas - AFV - Revell

15,70 EUR

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