Guerra Civil Española 1936 (Vista 1)
Guerra Civil Española 1936 (Vista 2)
Guerra Civil Española 1936 (Vista 3)
Guerra Civil Española 1936 (Vista 4)

Guerra Civil Española 1936

Ref.: AKIN-AK4190

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14,00 EUR

Spanish civil war colors

This set allows us to replicate almost all the military vehicles which participated in the Spanish Civil War conflict, giving even the chance to be used in the several transformations these vehicles had as they were stolen or changed sides during the war. To all these variations we have to add the colour modifications made by each side made to these vehicles, overall once they were captured as they were abandoned. This set contains: – AK163 Dunkelgrau Base – AK746 4BO Russian Green – AK753 NR17 RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb – AK754 NR45Dunkelbraun / RAL7017 – AK4013 NR28 USMC – AK4042 NR18 WWI British Khaki Brown Base

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