Set Acrilicos Iraq-Afganistan (Vista 1)
Set Acrilicos Iraq-Afganistan (Vista 2)
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Set Acrilicos Iraq-Afganistan

Ref.: AKIN-AK558

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14,00 EUR

Set Acrilicos Iraq-Afganistan

This six color set allows you to paint the sand colored paint schemes as seen on vehicles recently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The set includes the gray-sand used by U.S. troops, the yellow-sand of the British Army, the Iraqi army sand color and the three colors of the Bundeswehr camouflage in desert theaters. The colors within each bottle are true to the actual color, with a little modification for scale effect. The formula of these acrylic paints are designed for use by both to airbrush and brush and are odorless and water soluble. Our acrylics are manufactured by AK Interactive and are made with a formula that prevents clogging in the airbrush.

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - AK Interactive


Diluyente acrílico
Herramientas - Disolventes - AK Interactive

4,25 EUR

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