Lavado Gris Neutro (Vista 1)
Lavado Gris Neutro (Vista 2)
Lavado Gris Neutro (Vista 3)
Lavado Gris Neutro (Vista 4)

Lavado Gris Neutro

Ref.: AKIN-AK677

Logo AK Interactive

3,90 EUR

Neutral Grey Wash


Enamel type wash for modelling

A basic wash that is useful for many colors, ranging from metallic to reds, yellows, blues etc. A must have for vehicles, figures and sci-fi lovers.
The basic technique used to weather any type of model is the wash, a classic technique that is still one of the most used techniques in modelling today. Apply the washes after shaking the bottle with a large brush to pick out details and creating shadows. The excess of the wash can be easily removed with a clean brush and White Spirit.

Herramientas - Pinturas Efectos - AK Interactive


White Spirit 35 ml
Herramientas - Disolventes - AK Interactive

3,90 EUR

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