Papel de lija 1000 (Vista 1)
Papel de lija 1000 (Vista 2)

Papel de lija 1000

Ref.: AKIN-AK9033

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2,30 EUR

Sandpaper 1000


3 Units

High-quality paper sandpaper with resistant minerals and impregnated with a water-resistant substance for wet hand sanding.

Specially designed for smoothing and polishing work in combination with

different numerations from the thickest to the thinnest.

Wet the sandpaper with water and work on a damp surface. 

Wet sanding prevents the surface from getting wet, achieving optimum results.

We recommend starting with a coarse grain (lower numbers) and ending with a finer grain (higher numbers) for a perfect sanding / polishing of your miniatures.

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