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Tiger II Porsche

Ref.: ALIP-LIB0001

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Tiger II Porsche

In this book you could learn how to made a Tiger II Porsche by hand of the modelist Angel Iñigo who since 1984 took active part in the world of scale model magazines with some staff published such a Modelismo & Hitoria, Todo Modelismo and the italian version Tutto Modelismo which is known as Euromodelismo nowadays and the english publisher like Osprey. The construction of this model serves as an excuse to learn essential techniques beyond the classics, photogravures and other aftermarkets, for a more comfortable and rational modeling where the painting and the assembly go together. It is intended to make a close modelling and help medium and beginner who want improve their works. This book is another tool to share with our workspace with all our modelling tools. Book on English. 

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