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Aguas del Pacifico

Ref.: AMMO-2201

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Pacific Waters


This product is specially designed to make any type of water with the greatest realism, whether oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and even frozen water surfaces. 

This particular product has the necessary color for large bodies of water. 

The semi-transparent finish is perfect for getting both depth and colour sensations from the water.

Its viscosity means that it can be applied to any surface, even if it is inclined.

Its drying time makes it possible to work calmly to represent moving waters, such as rough seas, waterfalls, waves in the water, waves, etc..

It can be mixed with other products of the water range or with a little acrylic paint to alter its color without affecting transparency.

It can be diluted with water or acrylic thinner to modify its fluidity.

Start by painting the surface where the desired colour will be applied. 

Then apply it with a spatula or similar tool.

While drying you can model the necessary texture with an old brush or any other tool.

It is recommended to apply in several thin coats to improve the final effect and finish.

 Tools are easily cleaned with water. It does not smell. Drying time 24 hours.

This series of products has been created exclusively for dioramas and modeling scenes, they are not fine art products with strange and unreal colors. 

The colour, once dry, corresponds to those found in nature and will give your dioramas a realistic and professional look. In addition, we have created a selection with the most common colors, omitting shades that no one uses to make it easier for the modeler to choose.

250 mL canister

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