Stormtrooper, 1917

Ref.: ANDR-S8F057

73,55 EUR

Stormtrooper, 1917

Characteristics of the article

From the Andrea brand to 90 mm scale consists of 20 pieces in white metal to assemble and paint.

Two gas mask covers and lenses included.


Two alternative heads.

Figuras - 90 mm - Andrea


Figure International Magazine 54
Publicaciones - Revistas - Andrea

7,80 EUR



FAQ. Preguntas Frecuentes Tecnicas Pintu
Publicaciones - Libros - Andrea

40,25 EUR



Milliput Standard
Herramientas - Varios - Milliput

7,50 EUR



Como Pintar con Acrilicos
Publicaciones - Libros - Ammo

15,95 EUR

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