Bedford QLT  (Vista 1)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 2)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 3)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 4)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 5)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 6)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 7)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 8)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 9)
Bedford QLT  (Vista 10)

Bedford QLT

Ref.: BDOG-T35166

Logo BlackDog

30,60 EUR

Bedford QLT troop carrier accessories set



From the brand Black Dog these accessories to scale 1/35 for the conversion and improvement of the model.

Maquetas - Conversion AFV - BlackDog


Bedford QLB - Bofors Gun Tractor
Maquetas - AFV - IBG Models

34,90 EUR



Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
Maquetas - AFV - IBG Models

33,40 EUR



Imprimacion Gris Claro
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Tamiya

11,80 EUR



Lija de grano ultrafino
Herramientas - Varios - Tamiya

5,00 EUR

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