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Robert E. Lee

Ref.: CONS-80840

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190,80 EUR

Robert E. Lee


From the Constructo brand to assemble.

Construction kit in wood and metal.

Traditional construction, hull to frames.

Presented in a luxurious box with all components sorted and arranged for easy location.

With a detailed instruction manual, with step-by-step photos of the entire assembly process.

It also includes several plans with all the views and details necessary for assembly.

Measurements cm: Length 64, Height 30,5, Width 18,5. Scale 1:48

Brief History

Throughout history, there are many navigable rivers that allowed the development of trade and transport and therefore the economy. 

The Mississippi is one of them.

To navigate these rivers, their variable depth and tides, did not allow the use of normal boats. 

With the appearance of steam, large paddle boats were built.

These Riverboats were constantly improved. 

Speed brought with it memorable competitions, racing to see which was the fastest boat on the "Great River".  

Robert E. Lee was a steamboat built in New Albany, Indiana in August 1866. 

It soon gained fame for its speed. 

Perhaps the most famous Riverboats race occurred in June 1870, from New Orleans to St. Louis between Natchez VI and Robert E. Lee. 1200 miles that the Robert E. Lee covered in 3 days, 18 hours and 14 minutes, a record that still lasts today. 

The Natchez took 4 days and 51 minutes.

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