Moldes de Silicona Tejados  (Vista 1)
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Moldes de Silicona Tejados

Ref.: GREE-06853

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14,50 EUR

Silicone Roofing Moulds 


Transparent silicone moulds for roof tiles. 

Model A (straight) has 5 x 6 mm tiles and model B (circular) has 5.6 x 8 mm tiles.

Made from high quality food grade silicone, easy to use and with excellent prints, these moulds are heat resistant (up to 240ºC) and very durable. 

The moulds are cut in such a way as to provide highly detailed results for both dimensional design and surface printing. 

Each mould has a surface area of 6x12 cm.

The moulds work very well with any type of resin

Wait until the material has cured completely before removing the pieces. 

Other materials such as milliput, milliput mixed with plasteline, magic sculpt and others also work but are more difficult to use

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