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Matas Arbustos Blanco

Ref.: GREE-63070

Logo Green Stuff World

8,00 EUR

Shrubbery White


Green Stuff World Shrub Tufts ideal for decorating miniature stands. models. scenery. landscapes. roads. etc ....

All you have to do is peel off the bushes with a pair of tweezers and fix them with self-adhesive glue on the surface to be decorated.

Keep in mind that although they are self-adhesive, a drop of glue may be necessary on some irregular surfaces for a permanent solution.

Grass type: mixed colors Flock Nylon+Sheets

Support sheet size: 4x15cm

Fiber size 6mm high

Content:> 50 tufts

Herramientas - Escenografia - Green Stuff World


Dominando la Vegetacion en Modelismo
Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

10,95 EUR

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