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Nieve Modelismo Polvo

Ref.: GREE-66682

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Snow Modeling Dust


From Green Stuff World

Artificial powder snow material ideal to add the winter touch to your miniatures. dioramas. or model train. 

Our model snow is made of an ultra-fine powder for a very realistic finish that does NOT yellow. 

You can combine it with our Winter White Grass mats for an even more incredible finish. 

There are different techniques for using powder snow, the most common is to mix the powder snow with white carpenter's glue and water according to the final density desired. 

Apply the mixture directly to the desired surface and let it dry. The drying time will depend on the density of the mixture.

This product is presented in a practical reusable container. 

Content: Each jar contains 180 ml. approximately 70-75gr of first quality powder snow.

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