Panzer I Flak con remolque (Vista 1)
Panzer I Flak con remolque (Vista 2)
Panzer I Flak con remolque (Vista 3)
Panzer I Flak con remolque (Vista 4)

Panzer I Flak con remolque

Ref.: HBOS-80147

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29,50 EUR

Flakpanzer IA w/Ammo Trailer


From HobbyBoss to 1/35 scale for mounting and painting

History of

The 2 cm Flak 38 auf Panzer I Ausführung A, commonly known as the Flakpanzer I, was a rare self-propelled anti-aircraft gun conversion of the Panzer I in use by the military of Germany during World War II.

Only one unit, the Fla.-Btl.(mot) 614 (Motorized Flak Battalion 614) was equipped with the Flakpanzer I. 

The unit was assembled in 1941 and in the same year was stationed in Romania. 

From there they moved into the southern part of the eastern front.

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